The Concept & Rules

The Concept

We believe in the power of crowdfunding to start up businesses. Sprowd uses this power in a collaborative way to fund business plans of start-ups. Founded on these principles, Sprowd launched in 2012 to provide anyone (product of service) the tools to raise money and start up a business for their own. When you (as a business Pitcher) have a great plan, we enable you to give your dream a go.

When a start-up is successful, you (as a Believer) will get hard cash returned for believing in the success of a Pitcher. Supporting people that want to set up a business, anywhere in the world, has never been so easy and so rewarding.

Sprowd is situated in The Netherlands and our concept is based on Dutch legislation. However it can be used globally. Learn more about what Sprowd offers and how it works.

Important Rules

  • A Pitcher or Believer can be anyone;
  • There are no restrictions on concepts and budget (within legal and sensible boundaries);
  • The Pitcher eco-system services are obligatory for Believer security reasons;
  • The Sprowd predefined legal framework is obligatory;
  • Pitchers are obliged to pay out a pre set percentage of their revenue to their Believers;
  • Believers can choose to have pay outs transferred to their personal banking account or reinvested the money in other pitches;
  • A Pitcher must set a funding deadline. When the funding goal has not been reached in time, all believers will get their money back;
  • Collecting more money than the initial funding goal is not possible;
  • Believers have financial rights, but have no say in the future business. They cannot be seen as traditional shareholders.
Serious Crowdfunding

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