How it works

Sprowd: step by step

step 01

Start pitching

A pitcher starts a pitch by providing all required information on his future business. This includes the amount of money needed to start the business and a time limit.

step 02

Invest in a pitch

A believer invests in a pitch by buying shares (starting at € 10 per share). Besides funding he can ask questions, post comments and improve the pitch even more. Pitchers are able to provide updates.

step 03

Start up your business

When the funding goal is reached, agreements between the pitcher and every believer are generated. From this moment, the pitcher is assisted by our global partners to start up his business.

step 04

Let's benefit together

After start up all believers benefit from the pitcher's success. They receive a yearly pay out in accordance with the amount of shares they acquired. The realised turnover will be monitored closely to make sure every believer gets his fair share.

step 05

The future and beyond..

After each yearly pay out the pitcher may offer a buyout. Believers are not obligated to accept the offer, but might get a good price for their acquired shares.

The unique Sprowd concept comes with set of strict rules. If you want to learn more about them, visit the Sprowd rules page

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