We believe Sprowd will be the online crowdfunding platform that shall revolutionise the global investment market for start-ups. It is a new way for entrepreneurs to launch their future businesses, no matter where they are located, no matter which business they want to start or get extra funding for. Our aim is to make Sprowd a better alternative for the more traditional investment methods; but also to decrease funding thresholds and filling the “equity gap” between funding of friends, family and fools, and banks and venture capitalists. Ideas that are perceived too risky in the present can become reality in the near future if enough people believe in them.

Sprowd is based on the “crowdfunding” phenomenon but gives it a serious twist. Internet crowdfunding, as we know it today, is mostly based on giving donations and getting some kind of incentives back when a funding goal of an initiative has been reached. Sprowd will change this. At Sprowd, business pitches offer believers financial rewards in return for funding. This way, when a future business becomes successful, believers get a financial reward every year.

Imagine what energy, knowledge and network a large group of people (that really want a business to succeed) produces. This will be something the world has not seen to date; and to facilitate it, we have built a solid ecosystem with global partners to support pitchers, secure the rights of believers and to automate transactions.



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Serious Crowdfunding

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